Automate, Organize, and Improve Your Sales Team

Cloud based software that helps you manage your growing sales team.

Here's how to get Lean Sales App can improve your sales team

  • Impress your clients by remembering everything. Lean Sales App helps you remember everything by keeping a complete history of your phone calls, emails and your other precious sales activities. Have the entire back story before you pick up the phone or walk into a meeting.
  • Never forget to follow-up. Get daily reminders to follow-up with your hottest leads right into your email inbox. Never forget to thank your customers for their business because Lean Sales App will tell you when you need to get it done.
  • Find everything in one place. Stop fumbling with note pads full of scribbles. Lean Sales App lets you attach all of your important documents, notes, and sales activities right on the page for the person or deal they are about.
  • Work from your email inbox. Forward and CC Lean Sales App and all your important emails will be automatically attached to your contacts for easy reference.
  • Keep your team in the loop. Lean Sales App gives your team a central control system for your business. Find out if your salespeople closed those deals or if they followed up on your hot leads.
  • Get your numbers right. See how many of your reps are making the calls, emails and sales activities they need to grow your sales.
  • Keep everything simple. Don't waste your sales teams' time with overly complex software. If you simply want to sell more then Lean Sales App can help you do that. You can get your entire sales team started in less than ten minutes.

See your entire pipeline on one page

A complete sales pipeline software solution. Create and manage deals from anywhere in the world. See your sales pipeline with the bottom line.

Actionable Analytics
numbers that move sales

You can only improve what you can measure. With powerful sales analytics your team can continuously learn from your sales process. Track, measure, and predict with confidence.

Build Better Relationships
never forget to follow up

Effortlessly build relationships with customers, contacts, and leads. Know when to push for the sale or when to send a thank you note.

Are you looking for answers to:

  • How many calls are my reps making?
  • What is Bob Smith working on today?
  • How did that meeting go with the big account last week?
  • What are my deal conversion rates?
  • How long is our average sales cycle?
  • How do my sales reps compare to each other?
  • What is the average deal size?
  • Are we meeting our revenue goals this quarter, month, or today?
  • Where is that presentation that I wanted to use?
  • What was the address again?
  • When was the last time I called this company
  • How many prospects did I leave voice mail for?
  • Is the marketing department generating good or great leads?
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